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The LUMINARY ALLIANCE is the First Ever Comprehensive Affordable Business Building Resource Community for Transformation Leaders! Our Revolutionary 5M-SYSTEM™ has changed the lives of Tens of Thousands of Transformation Leaders Globally...  

Transformation Leaders Face Multiple Issues As Our Market Changes...

1. Complexity of Client Enrolment

In the blink of an eye - many aspects of how Transformation Leaders do business has changed. Client enrolment has become almost 100% Virtual. The political and economic climate has people changing how they spend, what they buy, and when! Reinvention and innovation when it comes to client acquisition is paramount.  Getting support to re-work how you attract clients and retain them needs to be priority #1.  The Luminary Alliance provides you with robust and easy to follow Educational programs, resources, templates and tutorials... along with LIVE MENTORING and Virtual Events to support you to build your business no matter what the economy does.  

2.  Crazy Competition

New transformation products, programs and practitioners flood the market daily. There's more choice than ever for consumers of Transformation. Did you know there are 53,300 coaches with open practices in the USA alone? Standing out from the crowd is getting harder than ever. Piercing through the noise with your message is challenging. Innovation and creativity are the only ways to stay relevant & profitable! The Luminary Alliance supports you to craft compelling marketing, and authentic sales offers that are lucrative & lifechanging. And we do it all in supportive community with other Conscious Biz Builders!

3.  Diminishing Profits

What used to work to enroll clients is no longer working. It often takes double the amount of effort (and expense) to achieve the same results. Daily operating expenses are escalating. Staffing, advertising, software, online client acquisition and outsourcing costs are unsustainable. It's taking more capital to keep the doors open than ever before. Email open rates are plummeting. Launch results are tanking. Webinars are under attended… and client enrollment is stagnant or slipping. Revenue is down... but the cost to get training on what currently works to acquire clients is going up! The Luminary Alliance gives you affordable access to the proven resources, mentoring and community you need to keep going. 

4.  Big Business Take Over

As pioneers, we’ve all proven the Transformation Industry is a viable place to make money... and Big Business has noticed. With dollar signs in their eyes, they're moving in and taking over! Big Pharma has already putting many healers and holistic practitioners out of business. How can the solopreneur compete with billion-dollar marketing budgets? They can’t. Not alone anyway. The Luminary Alliance counteracts this by unifying the voice of Transformation Leaders! When we acts together, we gain power.  And a world where Conscious Leaders have more influence - is a world that works for more people.

5. Piecemeal Progress

Transformation Leaders often work one element of their business at a time. They want to upgrade their business acumen so they can serve more.... so they take one course from one guru on one business tactic. Then, another program from someone else on another tactic. They hop from program to program, never sure if what they're working on should be their focus. And never knowing if what the training they're investing in any good! It also gets confusing to integrate all the advice out there into one system that works for their business.  Lucrative Luminary has been doing this for over a decade. That's why, in the Luminary Alliance, we'll show you what to work on, in what order. When you get your priorities straight, income & impact follow!

 As a Luminary Alliance Member, You'll Get Access To:


....Our FIVE Signature Online Programs which include... 

Magnetize Your Audience: Attract Ideal Clients

(How to Craft & Distribute Education Based Marketing That Gives a TON of value, while expertly positioning your product, program or service.) 

Mesmerize Your Audience: Deliver Dynamic Programs

How to embody the 5 Elements of Presence that allow you to deliver dynamite live and virtual programs!

Materialize Your Programs: Design Dynamite Programs

How to quickly design dynamic live & virtual programs that ensure all your participants learn a ton & have fun too!

Monetize Your Audience: Craft Lucrative Offers

The Art & Science of crafting education based, ethical offers that give value, and create a lucrative result!

Maximize Your Impact: Scale Your Business, Impact More People

How to create, test, automate and optimize an online passive client enrolment system that makes money, while you sleep!

***Upon joining the community, we'll provide guidance as to which program is the best to use, at what time depending your unique situation! These robust, proven programs have had tens of thousands go through them worldwide. They include video trainings, templates, tutorials, done for you scripts, examples, and step by step instruction.***



Monthly Mentoring: Twice a Month... we host LIVE Personal Group Mentoring Calls where you work directly with our team of Master Mentors! They'll help you navigate questions as you work through the programs. Getting answers in a timely fashion from a coach is critical to help you stabilize & grow your business in these uncertain times. Yep. Real, live, highly trained humans to hold your hand and get you answers when you need them!   

24-7 On Demand Coaching Group: Part of your membership includes access to our exclusive community where you can post questions, ask for feedback, and announce wins!  It is even a place to set up JV partners, and connect with your Luminary Alliance Colleagues for mutual support and promotion. 


LIVE Virtual Events: Throughout the year, we host themed Live Virtual Events. Our master coaches, our core founders, and relevent industry experts come into to walk you through the latest strategies for attracting clients and building your transformation business.  Innovation is critical these days... and we bring you the best trainers and facilitators on the planet in support of your mission. 

Spontaneous Live Labs:  Periodically, we'll go LIVE online to answer your questions, and guide you through a wide range of business building tactics and strategies. This is a chance for you to get personal interaction and mentoring from our core team of founders who've built multiple multi-million dollar ventures.  Direct access like this is hard to come by - but we're happy to provide it to all Luminary Alliance Members. 


  •  COACHES, WORKSHOP LEADERS, RETREAT FACILITATORS, SPEAKERS, AUTHORS, THERAPISTS, ... transformation leaders who want to Launch, Grow, or Scale Their Income & Impact Without Spending a Ton to Do it!
  •  LEADERS Concerned About Big Business & Unbalanced Agendas Taking Over Our Space.
  •  HEALERS &  Holistic Practitioners Finding It Harder Than Ever to Consistently Enrol Clients
  •  LightWorkers Who Care About the Planet & Want to Work Collaboratively to Create a World that Works for More People!
  •  Community Oriented Professionals in the Personal Growth Field Looking to Leverage an International Network. 
  • Transformation Leaders Who Want to Contribute to the Up-leveling of Industry Integrity.
"Transformation Leaders have created an amazing Industry... but it's changing rapidly! If business owners aren't careful, they'll lose control of the very industry they worked so hard to create. The #1 way to avoid going out of business and staying profitable & relevant moving forward is lean heavily into COLLABORATION with one another."   


-Dr. Tony Pennells, TAC Co-Founder   

"When a committed group of individuals with a significant amount of experience in a similar content area get together – they can begin to control a conversation worldwide. Already, there are collections of Luminary Alliance Members banding together to pool resources, content, talent, and mission. If you’re tired of working alone , but still believe in your mission work… this community is for you." 

 -Callan Rush, LAFC Founder

Here's What Only a FEW of Our Clients Say...

"Hey Callan! I've never shared my testimony, but I've been building my coaching business with your support  during this pandemic, and did over 30k from my first ever webinar using your 5M Blueprint. Thank you so much! 

Will definitely shoot you a thank you video once I reach my first 100k from a webinar." 


President/Founder Diamond Chris

House of David School of Ministry

"With the support from Lucrative Luminary, I earned 42k at one of my first self hosted introductory evening events using the 5M structure. In the year since I started working with Lucrative Luminary, my business grew by 400%. This is my dream brought to reality."


CEO / Owner, Referral Institute, St. Louis, Missouri  

"Using what I learned from Lucrative Luminary - I was able to fill and host my first 3-day Live Event! My program, "Fly First Class Forever", just completed. We had 70 students join us here in Sydney, Australia...and the best part...50% signed up for my next course on staying at hotels/motels & boutiques called "Live Life in Luxury"! 

I feel very grateful for your support."


CEO and Founder The Flight Doc, Sydney, Australia

Is There a Luminary Alliance Membership Fee?

( If you find the Luminary Alliance is not for you...

you may cancel your membership at any time. )

Our Long Term Vision... We need YOUR VOICE!

WE need YOUR VOICE to help guide the future of the Transformation Industry. Be the Change You Want to See in Our Industry! Help yourself and other business owners to stay relevant and profitable in the years to come. When you become a LAFC Member, you’ll have an early voice and important vote towards game-changing initiatives... Here are some of the things we're working towards >>>


To ensure all TAC members have collective bargaining benefits for the basic business products and services they need to stay profitable. A solo business owner just cannot the access discount rates large businesses enjoy. Together however, we can lobby for bulk discounts for the products and services essential to the growth of our businesses.


Because of the size of the market, and the money flowing in - industry regulation is inevitable. If we form a collective of leaders already working on the key issues... we can avoid a major government intervention and take over. We want the members of the TAC to lead the way. IF we don’t regulate us – the government will. If we can create a self regulated community for our industry - we can create major influence.


To work in collaboration with TAC Members to guide industry standards in the field of Transformation. From enrollment practices, to refund policies, to JV Commission guidelines… agreed upon ranges of conduct are necessary. Without standardization, Transformation Leaders have no way of maintaining consistent, fair policies for themselves or their clients. 


To set up industry wide systems that track quality control for products, programs, and services offered within the Transformation Industry. Zero quality control leaves reputable practitioners, and their reputations at risk! It also puts the onus of responsibility and due diligence upon the client… who may already be compromised. 


Provide visual certification for reputable Transformation Business Owners that have a proven track record

serving clients. 


Provide Legal Protection for Transformation Leaders. 

MEET The Luminary Alliance Community Founders...

Callan Rush

Co-Founder of Lucrative Luminary Training

Best Selling Author of, "Wealth Through Workshops!"

Master Curriculum Designer / Workshop & Seminar Expert

Callan Rush is a ‘Master Educator’ when it comes to all aspects of designing and delivering Workshops, Retreats and Seminars. With University Degrees in Psychology and Education – and over 2 decades of experience, Callan has mastered the art and science of designing and delivering live and virtual, education-based events.

When Callan speaks, people listen. She's a highly entertaining presenter who delights her audiences with a unique blend of education and wisdom, honesty and humor, and complete generosity of self and spirit. She is regularly invited to speak on stages where she's often the only Great Woman among a collection of great men. Author of the best-selling book, “Wealth Through Workshops,” Callan is known and loved all over the world as the go-to resource on the topic. However, creating, "Wealth through Workshops" is not this highly respected woman’s end game. Her mission and her purpose go an immense distance beyond that. 
A Master Teacher & Facilitator, Callan brings absolute clarity to your message. She supports you to authentically align with your offers, and deliver them so they resonate beautifully with your tribe.” 
Dr Tony Pennells
Best-selling author & Founding Director of

A qualified medical doctor, Dr. Tony bought his time back by the age of 27 and was able to leave medicine to focus on being a father and husband to his family.  In the time since, he’s built several multi-million dollar businesses recognized as some of the fastest 100 growing companies in Australia by Business Review Weekly. 

Tony is the best-sellng author of 5 books, has spoken to audiences as large as 13,000 and considers his greatest treasure being married for 25 years to his amazing Wife.. and father to two boys he calls, "Champions."

Through the financial literacy publication and online education platform, Dr Tony is driving a movement to change the way people think about and manage their money across the world.  With a knack for relating to people’s struggles, and an understanding of what it’s like to trade time for money and still not get ahead, Dr. Tony has developed two cornerstone programs and continues to build a network of certified coaches across the world.  

Through his programs and coaching, people are learning how to Cure Money Stress, get out of debt and get on the road to financial security. Participants are able to buy their precious time back and rise above their current circumstances, to a life beyond money. 

"Tony helps design and navigate your path to intergenerational wealth for your Family. 

He wholeheartedly takes your vision & aligns the components of your business to achieve 

exactly what you desire personally and professionally.” 

Justin Livingston
Co-Founder of Lucrative Luminary Training

Justin is an absolute expert in the art and science of ethical selling, marketing and conscious business building. In fact, he is the ‘go-to resource’ and main 'business strategist' for the most successful Transformational Leaders and Conscious Business owners on the planet.

He personally advises people like Callan Rush, Bill Baren, Christian Mickelsen, Jeff Walker, Lisa Sasevich, Eben Pagan, Jay Fiset, Ryan Eliason, Loral Langmeier... the list is long!

A gifted logician, he’s also been involved in almost every single significant online launch in the Transformational Industry over the past 2 years… totalling more than $10 Million in sales over the past 12 months alone.

A former MMA Fighter – nicknamed the Playful Genius – not only is he truly brilliant, but he has a heart of gold. He’s dedicated to fighting for the underdog, and levelling the business playing field by helping heart-based entrepreneurs create a successful, lucrative, sustainable business that actually reaches the people they’re meant to serve.

“Justin is an incredible mind with a beautiful heart. He takes your most complex business problems & shows you enlightened and elegant solutions. Any time spent with him & your business transforms.” 

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