Join the Magnetize Your Audience
Home Learning Program...
Join the Magnetize Your Audience
Home Learning Program...
Magnetize your Audience Home Learning Program
(Tuition : $1997)

Our entire Event Filling System, broken down over 18 video tutorials... complete with ALL of our templates and samples! Filling your live workshops, retreats, seminars and programs will never be a challenge, again :)
...and receive everything you see here as part of our
Luminary Bonus Package!
2 Tickets to Magnetize Your Audience Live Event
(Tuition : 2 X $2,997 = $5,994)

Learn the psychology behind Educational Marketing... and CREATE IT in 3 short days! Also – get access to Callan and our coaches as they personally work with you to answer any questions, troubleshoot, and APPROVE your marketing before you leave.
LIVE, Personal Group Mentoring 
(Tuition: $1,997)

Our marketing strategists can help you with titles, content, positioning... everything! You won’t have to feel alone, and you won’t have to struggle or wonder. Let our TEAM ensure your Success!
Email Signup System
(Tuition : $497)

In over a decade of sending marketing emails to our Subscriber list, we’ve learned a LOT! Every email you send needs to have a specific purpose. We've boiled down what you need to know in a 45 min training. You’ll learn the best strategies for "from" lines, for Subject Lines, how to encourage the click and much more.
Fast Track EBM Training
(Tuition : $297)

This 75 min Online Video Tutorial, is quick and easy – and walks you through how to craft a hot piece of Educational Marketing, lickety-split! The training covers the 5 Simple Steps to Crafting Educational Marketing... FAST! You don’t always have tons of time to craft marketing – sometimes you need it RIGHT AWAY! This training will fast track you!
'Word-of-Mouth' Event Filling System
(Tuition : $500)

We’ve developed an efficient system (called the CIS Model) which makes sure people are spreading the word for you – and referring paying clients into your workshops, retreats and seminars. This simple, easy to follow – yet comprehensive online training will ensure YOU get these results for yourself!
WDYD Power Phrase Training
(Tuition : $200)

The #1 question business owners get asked is .... "What do you do?" This short training will show you how to quickly articulate what you do in such a compelling way that people say “yes” to your offer.
Support On Demand
(Tuition: $500)

Access to Justin, Callan and their team of coaches 24/7!! ... and that’s not to mention the value of a group of THOUSANDS of your peers... and each one of them thrilled to support and empower you to success!
6 Simple Tweaks to Increase Webinar Conversion
(Tuition : $197)

We have tested many, many things while hosting well over 1,000 webinars, and have created a short training document sharing all our Tweaks & Tips for getting the absolute best sales results from your webinars :) If you’re already doing webinars (or if you’re going to start doing them) this Bonus is a tremendous complement to the MAG program.
Lifetime Access to 12 Day WTW Training
(Tuition: $300)

Lifetime access to all of the videos from our 12 Day Wealth Through Workshops Training. Not only is the content incredibly valuable, but you’ll begin to see how we applied the Education Based Marketing principles throughout our own Launch Process!
Magnetize Your Audience 
Lifetime Access Package 
(Tuition: $5,000)

With this you’ll receive Lifetime access to the Magnetize Your Audience Membership Site, Mentoring Recordings, Up to Date Upgraded Modules PLUS Lifetime Access to the Support on Demand service! 
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